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Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell


... and the ❤️romantic ❤️ story of the invention of the telephone


With the help of dozens of volunteers, David’s latest dynamic show relates the romantic story of the invention of the world’s first telephone, the science leading up to it, the impact it had, the characters behind it and the wonderful lessons we can still learn today from its visionary inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, his world-changing inventions and his inspiring work with the deaf and hard of hearing too.



covered include


Telecommunication through the ages, Electromagnetism and the Electric Telegraph, Galvani and animal electricity, Volta’s pile and batteries.

The nature of sound and Speech (some great demos to show sound as vibrations). 

Creating electricity from movement and vice-versa - Microphones and Loudspeakers.

The impact of the telephone on society.  The future of telecoms and Alexander Graham Bell’s other great visions and inventions, including the photophone, tetrahedral kites, metal detectors, fibre optics...


... and much more


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Who was he?


Tracing the History and Science behind Telecommunications and the Romantic Story of how the telephone was invented, “That Rings a Bell” covers the Science of Sound, Speech and Electromagnetism and the many ways we’ve communicated at a distance across the ages. 

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