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Georgian Science

Giants of
Georgian Science!


Individual adventures in Science...!

Derived from The Great Georgian Science Show, these one-man shows feature some of the great scientists whose work laid the foundations of modern science.

Choose from:

  • Sir Isaac Newton - refraction and rainbows

  • Sir Joseph Banks - Botany Bay, scurvy, vitamins, plant classification, the transit of venus, Kew Gardens and more

  • Edward Jenner - milkmaids, gardeners and vaccinations

  • Thomas Newcomen and James Watt - steam engines, changes of state and the separate condenser

  • William and Caroline Herschel - telescopes, astronomy, women in science and the discovery of infra red

  • John Michell - black holes and the force of gravity

  • Henry Cavendish - the man who weighed the world..!

  • Joseph Priestley - plants, pure air and the discovery of oxygen

  • Galvani, Volta and Hans Christian Oersted - animal electricity, the voltaic pile, electromagnetism and more

The Great Georgian Science Show!


A full-length epic adventure in Science...!

The Great Georgian Science Show is a fantastic and hilarious new interactive show, packed with science, created for and premiered at the Stamford Georgian Festival 2017.


David Hall & Clive Greenwood bring to life 13 amazing Georgian Scientists whose work laid the foundations for our modern world. 


Covering Optics (Sir Isaac Newton), Botany (Sir Joseph Banks), Engineering (Newcomen and Watt), Medicine (Jenner), Astronomy (William and Caroline Herschel), Physics (Henry Cavendish), Geology (John Michell), Chemistry (Joseph Priestley) and Electricity (Franklin, Galvani and Volta) - this fantastic new show will give you an insight into just how amazing our Georgian ancestors were and how their work changed Science and the World forever..!


Available for Festivals, Theatres and Schools now…!


This (literally) wonderful show also comes with a teachers' pack containing full details and suggestions for future work.



“Great fun”

— Audience Members at the

Stamford Georgian Festival 2017

(click for video)

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