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Animate your Science…!

  • Atomic Structure 

  • Nuclear Energy

  • Spectrometry

  • Buoyancy

  • Pressure

  • The Physics of Sound

  • Changes of State

  • Uranium Enrichment

  • And more…!

In his dynamic Atomic Structure and Nuclear Energy workshops, for instance, participants play everything from atoms & molecules to isotopes & subatomic particles and discover not only how matter is formed, but how uranium is enriched and nuclear energy released and controlled. A high energy workshop: great fun and unforgettable…!

Unforgettable interactive workshops

for all

Dramatise complex concepts...!


If you’ve a concept you’d like David to bring to life, just drop him a line...!

Spectrometry uncovers how a wide variety of spectrometry is used, bringing to life dancing water molecules and singing in the shower…

David loves bringing science to life.  


Using the style of many of the demonstrations in his shows - involving many an intrepid volunteer - he has created a series of unique interactive workshops, bringing to life a wide range of scientific concepts in utterly unforgettable ways..!

While his Float!  workshop - originally commissioned by the Imperial War Museum at HMS Belfast - demonstrates the strength of buoyant forces and asks “What exactly does push helium balloons up..?!”

Atom molecule as concept for science.jpg
Some testimonials:


“We were absolutely delighted with the time we spent with you at HMS Belfast and were extremely impressed with both the displays and your interaction with the children, helping our boys to understand the various principles of science associated with water displacement, buoyancy, water pressure, etc.  They loved every minute.  


I’ll be passing your information on to our local schools, as I can really see how your sort of presentation could enrich their education programmes immensely.”  

— Janet M’Caw on “Float!"

Image by Nowshad Arefin
david float.png

"The workshops were amazing ! All the teachers as well as the children that I spoke to sang David's praises! His enthusiasm and engaging personality inspired both children and staff alike. He made learning FUN, something which we need to do more often in schools.”

— Shamantha Parboo, Science Coordinator, Godolphin Junior School, Slough (on Separation Techniques, Atomic Structure and Nuclear Energy Workshops)

Bring your lessons to life..!


These dynamic workshops for teaching science can either be run with pupils or as part of teacher training events.

New topics always welcome.

“The workshop was great.

The children were involved."

"Enthusiastic, hands-on approach. Very practical."  

"Great questioning at the right level.”

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