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Maths Circus

Developed alongside AST Maths teacher Nick McIvor, this is a dynamic, ideally two-day, highly-active and fun set of workshops for groups of around 60, leading to a circus-themed performance given by the pupils and based entirely on Maths...!



A challenging, active and fun workshop combining Circus and Maths and a great resource for teachers too..!!

In a two day event the students firm up on number bonds, master multiplication tables once considered unmasterable, reinforce their understanding of factors, common factors, multiples, primes, place values (even simple equations) and generally have a great time in the process.

Feedback received includes: "Great fun!" and  "I wish we could have done more maths"
(We actually did loads, they just didn't notice...!)

Challenging, active, fun

and quite unforgettable..!

Maths Circus

is a great way to improve your pupils’ numeracy skills

and develop some dynamic new teaching techniques along the way.

Maths Circus not only develops maths skills but also encompasses and encourages team-work, creativity and expressiveness too. It is ideal for years 6 and 7, though it works excellently with other ages too.

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