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Michael Faraday




Static Electricity,







~ Transformers ~

Power Stations,

Safety Issues,

the Victorian Age

~ and ~


in the World today.


" A mesmerising show

- it was amazing. "

Meet Britain’s Father of Electricity himself and hear his story - how he rose from humble beginnings to become one of the most famous Presidents of the Royal Institution - and the story of electricity itself - from its static origins in Ancient Greece to its amazing impact in the world today.  


"Spectacular, fun, engaging, and amazing

- a truly electrical show!"


" At the end he asked for a volunteer then gave her a stick. The volunteer then moved the stick closer until ... Zap!  It lit like a Star Wars Light Sabre and everyone was dumbfounded! "


This is just one of the 350 complimentary letters I have from our "mesmerised" pupils - a real testament to your talent!


Thank you once again for all your hard work. It's been great having you over and I look forward to meeting you again on 14-15th June.


— Shamantha Parbhoo

quoting a Y3 pupil,

Godolphin Primary School, Slough


Hi David,


I just wanted to extend a warm thank you for putting on such an excellent show as Michael Faraday at Lowbrook Academy today.


The feedback I received from our teaching staff was excellent, and most importantly, the children had a wonderful time. Your enthusiasm was infectious and gave the children a real love for learning more about this prolific scientist.


Have a wonderful day at Holy Trinity tomorrow.


— Bianca Lasi, Head of School, Lowbrook Academy, Maidenhead

"We had a fantastic time on Friday and were in a great position to start our magnet topic today. We are making electromagnets later in the week!” 

— Sarah Dyett,

Sompting Village Primary School



"The performance was excellent and so inspiring for all. Thank you so much!”

— Andy Collison,

Kinsale Junior School, Norfolk

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