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Samuel Pepys

The Great Fire of London
The great Samuel Pepys whisks his audience into Seventeenth Century London and the incredible sights, smells, sounds, panic and drama of the Great Conflagration itself.

“I've never seen the class so engaged in their learning for so long”

-  KS1 Classroom Assistant


"The Samuel Pepys workshop was amazing and brought all the children’s learning to life. David was very professional and friendly and a pleasure to work with. Everything was planned well and the workshop has been a highlight of the children’s learning this year” 

- Y1 teacher

Wrockwardine Wood Infant School,



"They really loved your visit - Thank you..!”

- Susan Wainwright, Y2 teacher

Greenslade School

Plumstead (2nd visit)


"David visited our Year 1 class to bring Samuel Pepys to life. The children loved seeing this larger than life character in the flesh, and especially loved the gruesome details of the Great Fire. Thank you so much for everything.”

- Joanne Deane, Y2 teacher

Greenslade School

Plumstead (3rd visit - of 6..!



"The pupils and the teachers thoroughly enjoyed themselves”

- Mrs Bishop

Eastcourt School



"Loved it!”

- Christine Harrison

Head of History

Priory Middle School



Why not dress as characters from 17th Century London to make Mr Pepys’ visit even more special..!


One school even arranged a baking session for the afternoon..!

Using eye-witness accounts Mr Pepys transports his audience into the very midst of the event.  
The children become characters as they leap to his aid, using Water Engines, Great Hooks and whatever else they can to fight the fire - and consider what they'd save, how they’d save it - and how much they’d be prepared to pay..!
Then, in the aftermath, the fire's causes and why it burned so fiercely and spread so quickly are discussed and the pupils 
choose from the actual plans submitted how they'd rebuild London - and discover what actually happened..!
Finally, they teach Mr Pepys about modern materials and fire safety practices and their 
adventure closes with the chance ask whatever they wish.

Character-led and Pupil-led, this terrific interactive show

brings the Great Fire and Samuel Pepys thrillingly to life.  

Dynamic and unforgettable...!

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