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Hot off the press!


 Brand new shows from 2019: 

Alexander Graham Bell

The Great Georgian
Science Show!


• Sir Isaac Newton

• IK Brunel   • Michael Faraday

• Alexander Graham Bell

• Giants of Georgian Science

... and more!


• Amazing interactive maths

... fantastic for all ages!


at its best!”

Michael Faraday

  Michael Faraday  


• The Great Fire Project

• Robin Hoode

... and more!

“Pitched exactly right for our pupils”


— Gordon Porter, Assistant Head,

St Andrew’s Junior School,

Hadfield, Glossop

Originally conceived and

presented in association with...

  A spontaneous interview with Sir Isaac Newton  

  at the Royal Society’s Summer Exhibition  


"Amazing ! All the teachers as well as the children that I spoke to sang David's praises!  His enthusiasm and engaging personality inspired both children and staff alike.  He made learning FUN, something which we need to do more often in schools.”  

— Shamantha Parboo,
Godolphin Junior School, Slough

re “Separation Techniques, Atomic Structure & Nuclear Power” workshops


"I was totally 'blown away' by your performance and the fantastic amount of science it contained - all delivered in a very interesting, accessible, fun and memorable way.   The kids were hugely impressed and talked about it all the way back to school. I'm sure you've inspired them all."


— Andy Collison,
Kinsale Junior School - re the Michael Faraday show at Norwich School

“Thank you very much for coming to our Science Day in March - the best we have done so far, due in no small part to your wonderful Isaac Newton presentation, which has been much talked about in lessons and the playground since then.  I have been teaching light to my year 8 group, and your explanation of Newton's prism experiment was fully remembered and made my job much easier.”


— Nick Brown, Head of Science,

Chumleigh Community School, Devon


“We were absolutely delighted.... and extremely impressed..... I’ll be passing your information on to our local schools, as I can really see how your sort of presentation could enrich their education programmes immensely.“

— Visitor to “Float” at HMS Belfast



“Creative, engaging and great fun.“


— Teacher’s review for 
Atomic Structure and Nuclear Power interactive workshop

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